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Feedly users could be seeking a way to view their favorite news all without leaving their PCs’ desktops. will offer such functionality, and it will enable users access to several advanced features that will help them browse news feeds with ease. Its capabilities for offline use or importing/exporting of Feedly API are just some of its options.
Well structured layout that enhances the reading experience
Right from the start, people will be greeted with a two-section layout that will offer the main news topics in its left side panel and the detailed coverage of each selected story in the main reader. This promotes easy handling as it enables users to read other titles while maintaining one story opened easily.
In order to improve the news feed customization even more, users can select to follow their preferred stories, browse the most popular ones, latest ones or change the view by choosing from a predefined list of options.
Lack of more advanced search functions could bother some users
When dwelling past its surface features and basic functionality, more avid news readers could sense the need for extra features. These could encompass capabilities for performing a more advanced search, which could be customizable with filters or dates.
In terms of interface customization, there are only two main options, which correspond to a light or a dark theme, but besides that, there isn’t room for many adjustments. Again, this could be seen as a potential drawback by some users.
Fair alternative for Feedly users that require a comfortable and flexible newsfeed reader
Those who need a tool that can enable them to read their Feedly news and perform a basic management of their favorite feeds, could have a look at Although lacking in advanced features, the app does what it was designed for and it does it decently.


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Download ……… DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






YouTube Downloader Free

YouTube Downloader is an incredible software tool to download and save any video from Youtube, or any other video website, and free.
It was made to instantly download any video from any website, or any video portal, and save them in any folder you prefer.
The software offers you a complete set of features to instantly download any video from any web page, regardless of its domain, and download, save, and organize it at your favor, or choose any destination you prefer.
Besides, you can select any desired profile or custom quality, and scale it, shrink or delay it, and save its format to any other desired file, like mp4, avi, wmv, or mkv.
You just have to switch on the ‘Download’ button, and you’ll be provided with a nice and simple interface where you can select the video downloader, switch profiles, and change it’s settings.
You don’t have to be an expert to use the YouTube Downloader software, it’s been designed to be very easy to use, and understand the advanced options that will not be very obvious to the user.
The most important features and benefits of the software are summarized bellow:
• Allow you to download videos from YouTube or any other video website as you prefer, and save them in a folder you choose.
• Free Download and install video downloader from the web.
• Allow you to download any video from YouTube, any website, or any other video website.
• Allows you to scale and convert any video to any desired file type.
• Allows you to download any video from YouTube, or any other video website, and download, save, and organize it in any desired folder.
• Help you to download any video from YouTube, or any other video website, and download, save, and organize it.
• Allows you to select any desired file format to save the video.
• Allows you to download any video from YouTube or any other video website, and download, save, and organize it.
• Supports Wget, Google Chrome, and Firefox.
• Allows you to download and save any video from YouTube, or any other video website.
• Allow you to scale and convert any video to any desired file format.
• Supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Youku, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Youku, and other video portals.
• Allows you to download any video from YouTube,

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YouTube Downloader is the best YouTube downloader for Windows, Mac and any other operating system. It supports downloading the video files from,,,,, etc to MP3, MP4, MOV, MKV, 3GP, etc.
You can search your favorite videos on by keyword, duration or category. We can search the video you want within itself, and then directly save the YouTube video to MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP, etc without re-uploading the YouTube video to your computer.
You can download the best videos, including HD videos, from all these sites at one time. Our software can download multiple videos simultaneously. When the videos are downloaded, you can join them together into one file using built-in splitter. And you can play the video at the same time.
The best thing about this YouTube downloader is: it can download the videos with high quality, so you don’t have to worry about the high-definition video quality. It’s a video downloader, and not a video player, so you can download the videos fast. This YouTube Downloader is a great downloader which can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Download and operate YouTube Downloader with a few clicks, the best YouTube downloader for Windows.
Main Features:
– Search videos for keyword, duration or category – Download and join videos to one file – Download video at a time – Repeat search – Delete videos after download
– Download video from,,,,, etc
– Search result is displayed in the following format:
– Title: Video name
– Duration: Available length of the video
– Category: Video category
– View count: Video view count
– Link: Direct download link of the video
– Uploader: Link to uploader’s page
– Video quality: The video’s quality displayed in the tool’s interface. MP4/3GP/AVI: Plays 4K and 60fps videos; MP3/WAV: Plays audio files
– Free space: Available disk space left
– Size: Video size in MBs
Most Populist YouTube to MP3 Converter:
1. Search videos by keyword, duration or category;

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YouTube Downloader allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube and save them to your PC. The YouTube Downloader is the perfect tool to easily download YouTube video and convert the videos to any formats like MP4, FLV, 3GP, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Xbox, Amazon Kindle, Zune, VCD and DVD…

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What’s New in the YouTube Downloader?

YouTube is a search engine which offers video sharing services. The videos that are uploaded to this website are hosted on the YouTube servers in various formats. The YouTube video contains a hyperlink to the corresponding download page of the video. The YouTube video downloader is a software application that helps in downloading the video from the Youtube Video Downloading from Website – YouTube Downloader is an application developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and it can download videos from any website and their respective videos. It can download videos in mp3, mp4, flv and wmv file formats.
Download YouTube Video Downloader for Windows:
If you do not have the famous winrar software then you can download youtube downloader the video from a link below
Click on the link below and download the video from that link youtube video downloader for windows
Click on the download button and download youtube downloader for windows
The youtube downloader is like a standalone program and does not need any installation process. Run the youtube downloader and it will open. The youtube downloader is easy to use and it does not require any special settings.
Download youtube video downloaded
It does not require internet connection
It is easy to use and does not need any configuration or settings
Winrar is not required to install
Frequently asked questions:
Why we have developed this software – Youtube Downloader:
We have developed this software because we want to help people in such a scenario where a person wants to download a file from a web address. If that person searches the web for that particular file, he or she may come across a website which has a link to the corresponding video file. The youtube downloader is an application developed with the intent of providing a convenient alternative to the usual software used for downloading videos from the web.
Steps to Download Youtube Video Downloader:
Step 1.
Download youtube video downloaded
Step 2.
Click on the Download button to start downloading youtube downloader
Step 3.
The video file will be downloaded in your computer.
Step 4.
Enjoy it :)
The youtube downloader is easy to use and it does not require any special settings.

Disclaimer: IMDb is the primary database of the movie and TV industries. We do not guarantee that all information is accurate. If you discover any errors or omissions in the data displayed on this page, please contact us.

Download Youtube Video Downloader

Adobe Flash Player is a proprietary, non-free, computer software application for

System Requirements For YouTube Downloader:

Windows 2000 and later, Apple Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and Linux x86 and x86_64.
Intel 80386 processor or higher, 64-bit CPU.
2 GB of RAM or more.
24 GB of disk space or more for installation.
File Action Tool is a flexible application for the management of file and folder actions on Windows PCs and Macs and other operating systems. By connecting to the GAL (Global Action Library) server, you can create your own file and folder actions, and the action results