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Regardless if you’re an audiophile or not, having the ability to check certain aspects and characteristics of your digital audio data can make a significant difference when it comes to assessing sound quality. One such characteristic is the actual volume level, and levels, when it comes to the individual audio channels. Volume Level Tester, just as its name suggests, will offer users the means to verify the volume levels for a wide range of audio formats, both for individual, as well as multiple files, simultaneously.
Add one or multiple files to the processing queue and preview metadata details, as well as the dB levels per individual channels
The application offers users flexibility in the form of choosing to add either single files or, several, as its batch processing module offers such capabilities. This means that those who are accustomed to working more efficiently will appreciate it.
Furthermore, due to the high number of supported audio formats, the application also offers a high degree of versatility, and users will be able to verify the volume levels for a wide range of input sources.
Rely on the included player controls for previewing the loaded audio data without resorting to third-party apps
Aside from the simple yet capable volume testing function, which will quickly display the audio levels in decibels, per individual channel, the application also features a built-in audio player, which, although features simple commands, can provide reliable operation.
Having this player bundled with the app enables users to both see through their volume check-ups, as well as, if required, actually preview the loaded audio content. This can save a lot of time.
Minimalist app that serves both as a tool for checking audio volume levels, as well as a basic media player
Basic in looks but with a quite capable feature set, Volume Level Tester is here to provide a helping hand to those who need to verify the volume levels of their audio files, for both single, as well as multiple files, of various formats.







Volume Level Tester Crack + Download [32|64bit] 2022 [New]

Volume Level Tester Crack Mac is a simple to use application. The main purpose of the application is to help audio enthusiasts check the volume levels of their sound content. The application can scan for audio files that are stored locally on the user’s machine, or input from a variety of file sources.
The application can also stream or download one or multiple files and then check the dB levels for each individual channels.
The application features an easy to use graphical user interface that is very minimalist in nature.
Volume Level Tester Crack Apk
– The App will start listening for your EXTERNAL microphone after the USB debugging is ON
– You can check audio levels and VOLUME by just using the Screen with the APP open
– We DO NOT receive or send any sms or call from any TOOLS
♠ Audio File Players
– Play all / Play specific
– Check Audio Levels in dB per each channel
– Record from Audio File / Playback from Recorder
– Playback then Save to File / Download
– Clean / Delete / Send / Download
♠ Audio File Formats
– MP3 / MP3 / AAC / FLAC / APE / WAV / OGG
♠ Smart Search
– Supports several pattern to search
– List by Title / Artist / Album / Album Artist / Year / Genre / Size
♠ My Settings
– Seting for Audio file / Recording devices / BT
♠ Restore Data on SEvieD / Reset from Betaflight / Backup from SEvieD / Import a Backup
♠ Support for external Microphone
♠ Record from External Microphone
♠ Quick Menu option to switch between Audio Players
♠ Midi / Music Controllers
NOTE: The Recording feature for Audio files is not supported.
♠ Volume Level Control
– Quick Control / TO TASTE Control
♠ Display and Control Music Controllers
♠ Support for several App(s) / App Control
♠ Support for Screen Sharing
♠ Long press / Setting in the App for App Control
♠ Support for many BT HID devices
♠ Backup your Settings
– Restore your Settings
– Backup from SEvieD and Save to SEvieD
– Import a Backup
– Backup / Restore from SD Card

Volume Level Tester Crack + Free

The application will display the level of volume for the audio channels of a selected file or several files. The preview window features a simple VU meter, which helps users to see if all channels are being displayed properly, which can be very important when dealing with high quality recordings. The application features a basic audio player, which offers four simple playback controls. Audio samples are shown below the playback controls. If you’re using the default player, left clicking on the track title will open the default application associated with that file type.

The application’s settings window will allow users to change and save the settings for the application.

Supported file extensions are:
*.* (Dirty)

Version 3.8:
– Added some disabled controls to the preview window to indicate that the settings have been saved.
– Fixed a bug when navigating backward in the settings window.

Version 3.7:
– Added a new section to the preferences window that enables the user to specify a different color for the level meter.
– Improved the appearance of the audio player controls.

Version 3.6:
– Fixed a bug when the preview window was refreshed or hidden.
– Added the ability to configure the transparency of the volume level meter.
– Updated the documentation.

Version 3.5:
– Improved the compatibility with newer Mac computers.
– Improved the compatibility with devices such as the original iPod and Apple TV.
– Added the ability to open the included program in a window.
– Improved the interface of the audio player controls.
– Improved the appearance of the settings window.
– Added a new sound for the start of the audio player.

Version 3.1:
– Fixed a bug when running from the trashcan.
– Fixed a bug in the settings window when saving the settings.
– Fixed the appearance of the newly added control buttons.

Version 3.0:
– Added the ability to display the individual dB values for each of the audio channels.
– Added the ability to check multiple files at once.

Version 2.9:
– Added a new refresh control to the preview

Volume Level Tester [April-2022]

Get all the details of your audio content, such as artist, title, cover art, album art, genre, and tracklist. Find out how, where, when, and with whom your audio content was recorded. See an overview of your media player while previewing your audio. Save audio tracks to the User’s Library.

Audio Formats Supported: MP3, OGG, WAV

System Requirements: Requires a Windows computer with a minimum of Windows 7

Volume Level Tester Easy and Simple to Use


Ability to check audio volume levels for single, as well as multiple audio files, on a single screen.

Ability to save the audio files in the User’s library.

Enables users to preview the media player when working with audio content.

Provides a preview of a wide variety of audio content.

Get the Level in the Title or the Artist

If your old favorite artists have a different name now, where can you even look for your music? Surprisingly, you can download the music from last year, just look for the missing artist name in the title.

Volume Level Tester

Find Your Music

Volume Level Tester

Music Saved

The sound quality level is high and it’s easy to navigate through and find your music.

The following screen lists the files you have selected:

Music Saved

.mp3 Files Saved

.ogg Files Saved

.wav Files Saved

Note: While the application supports the saving of multiple audio files at once, due to the fact that the number of supported formats exceeds the current selection, the user is required to select multiple formats at once in order to save.

Detailed in the image below is the category in which the media player can be opened for playing an audio track.

Music Saved

Have Multiple Applications Open

If you have a number of other applications open, you may have to close one of them in order for Volume Level Tester to open.

Close/Open Other Apps

If you have a number of other applications open, you may have to close one of them in order for Volume Level Tester to open.

Close/Open Other Apps

How to Uninstall

Uninstall the application from your computer.

After removing the application you may be asked for confirmation.

You can install the latest

What’s New in the Volume Level Tester?

Volume Level Tester is a lightweight audio volume checker that you can use on your Windows PC to test audio files, as well as, verify volume levels of your audio content.

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System Requirements For Volume Level Tester:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 1.6 GHz dual-core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Pixel Shader 3.0 compatible DirectX 9.0c
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 500 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
* For using with microphone, we recommend a DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card.
* It is not recommended to use with microphone.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates generally to