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Preventing unauthorized access to your computer can be done in several ways, the simplest one being the lock function that Windows comes with. Nonetheless, if you feel that a simple password may not provide sufficient security, you can always resort to more advanced methods, like facial or voice recognition.
In case you are interested in the later option, there are a number of tools that you can try and among them you will come across VoicePass PC Security Lock. This utility is able to supply two methods of restricting access to a PC and is quite easy to configure thanks to its easy to use interface.
The first step in enforcing new security rules onto your system is to record your voice passphrase and the application requires you to do so 10 times so there will be more samples for the program to analyze and allow you to login.
As a secondary method of protecting the PC is through and old-fashioned password that you can set up in no time. Nonetheless, this is an optional measure because the main method remains through the spoken word(s).
There is also a fail-safe mechanism that is designed in order to give you a means of recovering the lost credentials for both login methods described above. All you will need is a valid e-mail address where the passwords can be sent.
VoicePass PC Security Lock allows you to configure the period of inactivity after which the computer will be locked. Also, you have the possibility to set the secondary login method come into play after a specific number of failed attempts using the voice password.
Since it offers a quite decent set of features and presents them in a rather easy to understand and use manner, VoicePass PC Security Lock proves to be indeed a good alternative for anyone looking for new ways of securing their system.


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VoicePass PC Security Lock Crack+ Download [2022]

What is it?
VoicePass PC Security Lock ( is an application that provides simple and intuitive interface to help you protect your computer. You can enable both voice and standard password in just a few steps.

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VoicePass PC Security Lock Crack+ Registration Code Download (2022)

The main advantage of this software is that it is free, as well as its main drawbacks: simplicity and a tight integration with the system. The program functions flawlessly most of the time but will not be very relevant if the database contains login access possibilities.
Unlike other PC security programs, this one has some interesting features, such as voice recognition. However, at the same time it lacks a number of options. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple program then this is the one you are supposed to use.
However, if you are looking for a more advanced option, be prepared to spend some cash.
This program must be tested first, and you should consider one of the other free voice recognition programs before purchasing this one. A trial version will give you a good insight into the program, and should be saved on your PC in case the purchased version proves to be too buggy.
Full Review version here. Full Review

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I used this as a temporary solution to get over a bug in my pc that wouldnt log me in. It does a decent job, but i found that moving to more advanced free programs was better for me. I would check out Freecia from freesoftware.org, it works great. I use to work in infosec, and this is a good example of a free security program i found in there.

The author is one of my regulars at the forums here. He’s responsible for a lot of them and his posts are of great value and use to a lot of peopl


Paul Menino

My laptop was stolen! I searched for the best software to lock my computer and ran across JxStart.
I tried the softlink to the program it created on my desktop. When I tried to log in as the admin, it wouldn’t let me type in the password. Then I ran through the set-up instructions trying to set this up as my only admin account and found the password. But nothing was letting me log in as admin. I was getting errors with the location path to the program, which is set to use my CD-ROM drive. Everything was working fine except that I couldn’t get logged in.

Then I just decided to uninstall the program, clean out the user profile that was there, and start over. I figured that if I couldn’t get it to work at all,

VoicePass PC Security Lock Crack +

The application does not require complex installation or any third-party software.
The main points of interest of the program are:
• Automatic detection of Windows operating systems
• Verification of Windows operating systems
• Restrictions for the unauthorized use of the installed programs
• Password protection on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 operating systems
• Automatic taskbar notifications

1) Automatic detection of Windows operating systems
VoicePass PC Security Lock is able to detect all the Windows operating systems currently in use, even the ones that were not officially supported by the developers.
• Windows 7: v1.2.1 – Windows 8.1: v1.0.3
• Windows Vista: v1.0.3 – Windows 8.1: v1.0.3
• Windows XP: v1.1.0 – Windows 7: v1.2.1 – Windows 8.1: v1.0.3
2) Verification of Windows operating systems
VoicePass PC Security Lock features two distinct methods for the verification of the Windows operating system.
• Verification with Start Menu
• Verification with Settings
The automatic method of the first category includes a couple of steps that are designed to confirm the Windows version, OS build number, OS build ID, and Windows build number. This is accomplished by checking the characteristics of the executable files that are present on the hard drive and the Windows registry.
• Windows 7: v1.2.1
• Windows Vista: v1.0.3
• Windows XP: v1.1.0
The method of the second category includes a number of different tests that are designed to check:
• The operating system details
• The Windows Advanced Startup Options
• The Windows Security Center
• The Windows System Protection
• The Windows Error Reporting Service
• The Microsoft Compatibility Testing Services
3) Restrictions for the unauthorized use of the installed programs
By default, all the programs that are installed on the system (except for the ones that were moved to the C:Program Files folder) will be protected. By restricting the access to them, you may prevent unauthorized changes made to the software, which could lead to a loss of functionality and even system instability.
• Default
• Automatic restart if a program is altered or deleted
• Manual restart
• Manual shutdown
4) Password protection on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 operating systems
As you can see

What’s New in the?

UNIQUE: Although we can all agree that standalone applications used to provide security have gained prominence with the release of the highly secure operating system Windows Vista, it is still safe to say that quite a few of them do not offer the quantity or the quality of security that the OS itself does. The problem is that the base Microsoft Windows operating system is quite often set to the factory defaults, be it through the installing process or through the default settings. This is why we understand why many of the applications that require the user to login before being able to use the operating system without the need of having all the security features activated fall short of what is expected of them. That is where VoicePass PC Security Lock is.
UNIQUE: The application displays a friendly interface that is designed to make its use as easy and as simple as it can be. Once the program has been installed on the PC, you will be asked to provide the login credentials for the PC of which you are going to use it. In the case of the setup wizard, this will be your username and the password that you will use to access your account; in the case of the secondary login, you will be asked to record 10 unique voice passwords that will be used as security codes.
UNIQUE: One of the unique benefits of the application is that it can also be used to activate the Secure File System, the “Secure Folder”, and the “Secure Sleep Mode”. What this means is that you will be able to browse any folder on your computer that you will designate with the main program. Furthermore, when the file will be accessed by someone else, the system will automatically activate the automatic file encryption on the volume. Similarly, if you set your PC to sleep or hibernate, the system will shut down or enter a standby mode where the system will not be as responsive as usual. In other words, the program will help make your machine a bit more secure when using it.
UNIQUE: Setting up the program is quite simple thanks to the fact that a wizard is available which not only will help you perform some of the most crucial settings but will also make them pretty easy to understand. First, you will be asked to record 10 unique voice passwords, after which you are free to select the method of security that you wish to use with the application. The three methods that are provided are: the “Voice” option which will help you enforce login rules through the spoken word, the “Password�


System Requirements For VoicePass PC Security Lock:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core E6500 or better
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or better, Intel HD 4000 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 12 GB available space
Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or