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If your friends think of you as a sort of geeky audiophile based on both your love for music and your need of staying up to date with the latest music-related news, then there's a good chance you've heard about TIDAL.
Launched at the end of 2014 (and relaunched in March 2015), the Jay Z-owned streaming service is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. The service is about "musicians making music," as the famous rapper himself stated at a gathering even before TIDAL's launch, and is backed up by an extensive music catalog with handpicked playlists by Jay Z and Beyoncé, alongside other curated lists from Tidal employees.
Offers stylish cross-platform clients and two subscription plans with 30-day trial periods each
Of course, this modern service provides its users with stylish, dark-themed clients for some of the most popular desktop and mobile OSes alike such as Windows, macOS, respectively iOS and Android.
There are two monthy subscription plans to choose from, namely TIDAL Premium and TIDAL HiFi, both with 30-day trials, so you can thoroughly test the service before actually committing to it. It's worth pointing out that in order to activate the trial period, you are required to enter your credit card information.
TIDAL Windows client – as good as they come
We'll be talking more about the Windows client which is, by all accounts, a very stylish app that runs and looks right at home on Windows 10.
The application provides you with instant access to all of the service's sections like What's New (Featured), TIDAL Rising, bespoke playlists for relaxation, partying, workout, dinner, and other situations, music videos, and even exclusive movies and shows. As expected, you can also save albums and playlists to your personal collection and even make them available for offline usage.
HiFi music streaming service matched by a modern and stylish Windows app
Regarding TIDAL's Windows client, there's not much we can say, apart from the fact that it's a very stylish and very user-friendly app that is sure to help you enjoy everything this high-quality music-streaming service has to offer.
About the service itself, with songs around the 50 million mark, TIDAL is by no means the "biggest" music streaming service out there, nor should it be.
However, it's quite clear that TIDAL is in a sense more about Hip Hop and R&B, being the brainchild of famous rapper Jay-Z this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. This, and the possibility to attend Tidal X concerts, access Jay Z-curated playlists, as well as listen to some of the other big names of the industry are some of TIDAL's main selling points.


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For whatever reasons you might have decided to buy TIDAL, you should be happy with the result of your purchase. And the reason for that is pretty clear: this streaming service focuses on music, and really sets the bar high when it comes to the high-quality audio experiences.
Plus, for those of you who are curious, here are some of the best features that TIDAL provides.
Offline music listening
TIDAL’s offline music listening feature lets you save selected tracks in your personal library for offline usage, just to mention a few of the main features.
Aside from this, TIDAL allows users to save albums, playlists and such to their personal account, ensuring that their music is always at their fingertips.
Personalized playlists
One of the main additions of TIDAL compared to other services is the fact that they provide playlists based on your interests. This means that you’ll never find yourself listening to the same songs as all your friends, as every single one of them has his or her own playlist.
The good thing is that the quality of the music in TIDAL’s playlists is really high.
For instance, there’s the Relaxation Playlist, the Dinner party playlist, and the “Hi-Fi” one.
Other interesting features
Apart from the main features mentioned above, TIDAL provides some more:
– There’s an option to listen to any TIDAL playlists while offline, enabling you to listen to your favorite songs even if you don’t have any internet connection.
– The application allows you to install a special icon on your desktop to get you an idea of the number of tracks you currently have in your personal library.
– Lastly, TIDAL users can access one of the most popular Tidal X concerts in the world with their own applications, among other things.
TIDAL Privacy Policy
You might have been wondering why we mentioned that TIDAL is a Jay Z-owned company. The fact is that while the service is owned by the rapper, it actually seems to be independent.
It is private after all, and that’s how it ought to be. You don’t want some third-party company tracking your personal data, and that’s why you’ll need to pay special attention to the service’s privacy policy to be sure you will not get trapped in it.
As for TIDAL’s privacy policy, the main takeaway is that your data is safer than on other streaming services as it will

TIDAL Crack + Activator For Windows

TIDAL stands for The Icon of Identity Dialoguing About Music, and you can certainly see why. Not only are you essentially being offered the chance to listen to an endless stream of the artist’s greatest hits, but you can also access exclusive content as mentioned in the service’s homepage.
The TIDAL logo is a play on words that basically sums up the service and its service goals, apart from doing a sound tour through the service and making it your favorite.
The Black Car – Black is the best color
Although any service is only as good as the people behind it, the exclusive TIDAL Icons range from founders JAY-Z and Beyoncé to well-known artists such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and even pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.
The other thing to note is that the service is exclusive to owning a TIDAL player. With the player itself, you can add metadata to a track which would store the artist, album, and tracklist that you’re listening to, as well as the artwork that you’re listening to. The metadata is, by all accounts, very accurate, is made from the artist’s metadata (assuming it is available to hand), and carries over from the player to the different platforms.
TIDAL can be used in two ways. The first is to access the service on your computer, and the second is through the TIDAL app which is available for iOS and Android devices.
The TIDAL app is accessed by just tapping on the app icon. On iOS, you can either directly open the app or on the app, and on Android you can simply tap on the icon (again, since you’re already using the app).
From here, you’ll see your preferred music and playlists. There’s nothing new on Android (as mentioned, it’s merely a TIDAL app), but there are some nifty features on iOS. Apart from having a loading menu, the app features two tabs – Home, for the TIDAL logo, and the Music tab, which features a very similar app to Spotify Music.
The music tab on iOS looks like this:

You can browse the available playlists, albums, artists, and even view the art for the album, as seen below:

The Favorite tab on the music app’s sidebar in iOS is designed to be used to show you your favorite tracks. For instance, the tab features a three-sectioned panel, which looks like this:

What’s New In?

TIDAL is Jay-Z’s streaming and hi-fi music service that is specifically aimed at music lovers.
The service acts as a music streaming service as well as an online hi-fi service.
TIDAL is supported by its own playlist-based social network and portal.
The service’s purpose is to make the world’s music more immediate, available, and directly accessible.
Most of the music streamed on TIDAL comes from major music labels and artists and is featured on bespoke playlists curated by the service.
The service’s main audience is hip hop and R&B music fans and their friends.
TIDAL HiFi is an upgraded version of TIDAL.
HiFi quality streaming is available on all music videos and albums
The service is ready to stream the highest quality audio stream from the entire TIDAL catalog
To experience TIDAL HiFi users need to make a one-time payment of $9.99 per month.
TIDAL HiFi provides the following benefits:
HiFi quality streams from all TIDAL music videos and albums
Upgrade to HiFi audio resolution from 1080p to 4k
A 12-month free trial of the HiFi service is included in the monthly subscription
TIDAL Premium
TIDAL Premium is a $14.99 monthly subscription that gives you access to additional content, reduced monthly metering, and a free 3-month trial of the HiFi service is included in the subscription.
The service’s benefits include:
Deeper listening experience with extended playlist features and metadata
Personalized curated playlists based on categories such as “Relax” and “Workout”
Personalized recommendations based on songs similar to ones already added
HiFi audio streaming from the entire TIDAL catalog
Personalization of TIDAL’s recommendations with mood and interest categories
Check out our complete TIDAL review to see how the service stands against its competitors.
Watch out for our full TIDAL review for Windows coming to you shortly!
The only drawback at the moment with TIDAL, is the lack of an official Android app, which is still in the works.
TIDAL Videos
TIDAL Videos is the platform used by TIDAL to share stories of musical legends with its users.
Highlights include interviews with artists, brief videos that showcase songs, or musical moments, and features created by TIDAL music executives and collaborators.


System Requirements:

3.5 GHz i3-3220 / i5-3230 / i7-3770K
Windows 7 SP1 64 bit
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 20 GB
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 760
Sound Card: DirectX11 capable
Cards: 1 slot Power Supply
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