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SnipDock is a lightweight and straightforward software solution that offers you the possibility to snapshot an area of your desktop, then keep the image on top of other windows. This way you can continue working on your computer and view that image without changing between windows.
Clear-cut interface
The installation process runs smooth and fast, not bringing any surprises, so in no time you can use SnipDock.
The application features a simple and intuitive interface that is docked on your desktop. You can change its position by selecting it to be docked on the left or the right side, as well as selecting the float option so you can move its main window wherever you want.
Easily capture the desktop
After you click on the Snip Screen button you can select the area of the desktop that interests you, then SnipDock automatically snapshots it and displays the captured image. No matter the size of the area you select to capture, SnipDock will adjust its window accordingly, but you can also zoom in and out of the picture using the mouse wheel or scrolling with the touchpad.
All the created snapshots are saved in your Pictures folder and you can disable them to be displayed on the SnipDock's interface after you captured the images.
The software solution provides you with the possibility to clear the snapshot from the main window when you don't need it anymore.
To sum things up, SnipDock, with its clean interface, was specifically designed to help you create snapshots that you can easily view, since they are displayed on top of other windows of any applications, even if the are maximized.









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Capture and save a snapshot of an area of your desktop from any application.

CreateSnippets is a handy tool which easily enables you to create custom keyboard shortcuts for applications. Simply press your chosen application key while holding down the Ctrl key, and CreateSnippets will create a keyboard shortcut for that application. It is a great tool for creating professional keyboard shortcuts quickly, without any additional configuration. CreateSnippets saves keybindings in a file, so you can easily change or create new ones later.
CreateSnippets is a general-purpose application, with no hidden uses. You can use its very simple keyboard shortcuts to launch applications, quit applications, copy or paste text, open files, view the status of processes, and search your hard drive for anything you like. You can also select multiple files and folders at once. CreateSnippets is available to use for free.

wxSplit is a handy Windows utility that enables you to split your screen into any number of column-like windows, and to move them around in any layout mode you wish.
You can create windows of any size, and change them at any time by using the fast drag&drop interface. You can move, resize, change the title bar, minimize or maximize them, copy/paste data or files, etc.
The software can work with any windowed application, and it is useful for people who need to work on complex visual projects with multiple windows, such as web designers, web developers, graphic artists, programmers, etc.
You can choose from a number of layouts to display the windows in: tabbed, columns, tile, or a simple ruler. You can select any of the available layout modes, and change it whenever you wish by using the Set Current Layout command.
You can create as many layouts as you want, and you can set your Start Position (top, bottom or both) and use that to automatically resize the window. You can choose a specific position mode for any layout, and change it from the Properties window. The Layout Editor allows you to visualize the resulting layout.
You can have a number of Custom Pop-up menus, and you can create your own keyboard shortcuts for the different window functions.
You can even arrange windows side-by-side, or above or below each other, creating new space to display your application windows.
The software enables you to have multiple layouts, with or without Custom Pop-up Menus, any number of windows, and any number of layouts

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The software solution SnipDock Cracked Accounts was specifically designed to help you create snapshots of selected areas on your desktop, as well as the images will be displayed on top of any windows of any applications, including the maximized ones, on your computer.Q:

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The photo gallery software lets you snap photos and quickly paste them in emails or blog posts. Insert photos and videos from your local drive, or grab a photo from the internet. SnipDock has everything you need to get organized and do a little bit of sharing too!
SnipDock’s Snapshot is a simple way to capture a snapshot of an area of your desktop. Capture a snapshot, and drag it anywhere on your desktop. Then save a’snapshot’ of your desktop to your computer… or anywhere you have an internet connection. That’s it!
SnipDock will take a snapshot whenever you click the snapshot button. You can view your photo by double-clicking on the thumbnail to full-screen view. You can also save it to your computer, or send it to someone (online or locally) using the SnipDock Email feature.
Paste the Snapshot into an email or blog post… and share it with anyone with an email client or a web-based email provider, anywhere in the world. SnipDock works with any standard email programs. You simply click the thumbnail to view your snapshots, simply drag and drop one or more photos onto a blank area of your email message and you’re done.
You can choose to e-mail it to a friend, use one of your social networking accounts, upload the snapshot to an online photo album, or print it. SnipDock has you covered.
Key Features:
NEW in 3.0
– View and organize Snapshots with Albums
View and organize your Snapshots with Albums! You can easily create and manage an unlimited number of photo albums within SnipDock, and even choose whether to automatically sort your photos by date or by clicking on the “View” menu.
– Easily share photos with friends and family
Easily share photos with friends and family by sending a snapshot of your desktop via email, blog, or share image sites like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa Web, and more.
– Easily create and access snapshots from anywhere
If you want to take snapshots of your desktop and easily share them, SnipDock makes it quick and easy with email, blog, and online sharing. You can even share a snapshot in a unique way that complements your social media profile.
– Any type of image: JPG, GIF, TIF and BMP
SnipDock supports multiple image formats so you can take snapshots

What’s New In?

Whether you’re working on your computer or enjoying some time off, having a constant window on top of your desktop is a good way to view pictures and other images without having to switch between programs. SnipDock may be the perfect tool for that.
• Easy to use interface
• Snapshot image management
• Pictures are not available in catalog
• SnipDock has no option to create new pictures in the captured area

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Magic Firewall is a secure firewall & internet security solution for Windows that allows you to set the rules for each computer on your home network, as well as to password protect and share the computers in your network with a shared desktop.
Magic Firewall is a secure firewall & internet security solution for Windows that allows you to set the rules for each computer on your home network, as well as to password protect and share the computers in your network with a shared desktop.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.3 GHz Core i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 4870
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: 2.7 GHz Core i7
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850
What’s new:
Improved gameplay: – Significantly improved the behaviour and performance of the airplane and tank cameras – Numerous minor improvements to cut-