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On the CD/DVD NavTS 5 lets you design or update road network in a variety of ways. This software may be used by road network managers, designers and engineers. You can design a road or even a whole road network. You can draw lines or buildings in the road network and group them. You can include predefined road elements such as bridges, road-tunnels or railway station and also create your own elements. All actions are carried out in a graphical environment.

Here’s a link to the NavTrac website:

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NavTS (formerly NavTool) Crack + Torrent [Mac/Win] (April-2022)

NavTS is a system for planning and designing airspaces on all types of terrain. NavTS can produce a route map and be used as a source of the airfield layout. It is used by companies or hospitals in the need of drawing up or making scale models of specific areas. NavTS applications are based on the OpenStreetMap data set, combined with proprietary data.


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NavTS (formerly NavTool) Crack+ Free [2022]

A project of the Delft Aerospace Cluster. It is developed and maintained by the LTS.

The main task of this tool is to create a three-dimensional grid-based airspace for civil and military applications. The airspace is defined by planes and vehicles (e.g. blimps). NavTS builds a three-dimensional geometric representation of all objects in a navigable airspace. Objects and their characteristics are defined by regular flights and on-demand waypoints.
Based on these user-defined objects, the aircraft and the trajectories are represented. It is possible to create both, flight plans (preferably as a valid flight of the aircraft to be flown), but also navigation routes for autonomous vehicles (AVS) or manned aircrafts. By using these navigation routes, either targets are generated or the efficiency of the airspace can be optimized.

NavTS can create and manage different groups for different applications. So for example, a business or a military application could have its own airspace group. Also, it is possible to define specific areas as “airspaces” (and possibly to enter either authorized or unauthorized flying). The airspace then will be marked as a zone of restricted or authorized flying.

Schedules for all types of applications are possible. Schedules can be saved and loaded or copied from other settings. All schedules are stored on the server and the user can even access the data from anywhere on a connected network. NavTS also provides the possibility to print out the ready schedules.
The NavTS application is used for building efficient, navigable airspace across the globe. It supports both civilian and military applications. These applications range from visual navigation to air traffic control and scheduling. NavTS features create the concept of a logistics base without a base.

The functionality of NavTS covers the following areas:
Civil air navigation
Planetside simulations

Features overview

Create and manage different group
Create and manage airspace
Create and manage groups and be authorized or unauthorized to fly
Create waypoints and fly them
Generate targets
Stop the navigation route by time or waypoints
Export and export your flights
Save and print out your routes
Add to your CVS the waypoints you generated
Manage the alarms in your flights
Get data from your Flight Service
Plan your missions
Get altitude reports and so more

Maps and Flying
NavTS-applications also integrates well with third party mapping systems like Google Maps

What’s New in the NavTS (formerly NavTool)?

NavTS is a desktop application  to design and edit airspace structures in a standard map.
The program allows choosing  a navigation route and the creation of airspace structures, such as airport, tower etc., both in and out of runway.
NavTS will display the entire overpass on the map  automatically, so it will not interfere with the usual overpass preview and the new overpass that is inserted in  the map using the Vector Tools editor.
It uses the  customized forms of the  Vector Tools editor.
It will display  the  most  commonly  used  databases  on  the  user  computer  so  NavTS  can  automatically  send  the  queries  to  these  databases.
You can  import  the  old  built  NavCom  structure  that was saved using  NavCom.  This  allows you  to  be  able  to  make  the  transfer  from  the  old  airspace structures  to  the  new  one.
You can  export  the  built  NavCom  structure  to  a .MSI  file  that  can  be  used  in  the  NavCom  program.
You can  load  two  airspace layers:
– One  is  the  most  current  one  that  is  automatically  chosen  by  NavTS
– The  other  one  can  be  chosen  by  the  user  when  importing  the  structures  in  the  map.
You can  add  custom  information  to  the  map  and  overlay  on the  map.  The  entire  paths  of  the  custom  paths  will  be  displayed  in  the  path  for  easier  navigation.
You can  export  the  built  airports  and  add  airways  as  routes.
You can  send  queries  to  NavCom  and  NavCom6  to  set  up  and  edit  airspace  structures  and  create  airway  routes.
You can  load  and  edit  structure  records  that

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 (3.2 GHz) or higher
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: GeForce GTX 1070, or Radeon RX 480, or Intel HD 630 or higher
DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Storage: 23 GB available space
How to Install?
Before installing, make sure you have
1 GB free space in C: drive
20 GB free space in D: drive
Download and run the installer.