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miniLZO is a small, reliable and fast compressed storage library. It can be used to enable the user to add data compression to their applications without changing the existing executable. The user is required to include miniLZO as a static library into their project. miniLZO can be used to compress static files (archive files) from data sources like databases or flat files. It can be used with textual data, binary data or text combined with binary data. 
miniLZO Usage:
To use miniLZO you have to include the file lzoconf.h to your project.
If you want to compress binary data, the following things has to be defined (assuming you’re using the assembly compressed format):
#define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0A00
#define _WIN32_WINNT_WIN2K 0x0A00
#define _WIN32_IE 0x0600
#define _WIN32_IE_WIN2K 0x0600

To use miniLZO to decompress data, the following has to be defined:
#define _LZO_WRAP

you must include the file lzo1x.h
How to compile miniLZO:
To compile the sources, you just need to add the libraries like the following example, normally this is the last code lines you use to compile a project from scratch.

#include “lzoconf.h”
#include “lzo1x.h”

extern FILE *my_f;

int main()
FILE *f;
int ok;
FILE *local_f;
unsigned char * buf;
size_t * size;
size_t *len;
size_t tot_size;
size_t rest;
lzo_uint len_1X;
lzo_uint len_1X_alloc;
lzo_uint len_comp_calc;
lzo_uint len_comp_calc_alloc;
lzo_uint len_decomp_calc;
lzo_uint len_decomp_calc_alloc;
unsigned char * src;
unsigned char * dst;
unsigned char * tmp_buf;

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miniLZO is a lightweight subset of the LZO library. miniLZO is a reliable programming library designed for data de-/compression in real-time.
miniLZO is aimed at systems programmers and embedded applications. It aims to provide fast compressed data access for streaming data and to reduce code size.
miniLZO is also recommended for binary data files, as it is a very fast implementation of LZO.
miniLZO is written in high-level C for maximum performance and is compatible with ANSI/ISO C.
miniLZO supports all LZO1*-* variants and all modes of compression.
miniLZO uses an efficient, flexible and elegant d-p cache for both LZ77 and LZO1X. The d-p cache is written in C and the interface is fully ANSI/ISO compliant.
miniLZO supports all LZO1*-* variants and all modes of decompression.
miniLZO is compatible with the latest liblzo1.8 library of LZO for maximum compatibility.
miniLZO can be used for both real-time and non-real-time applications.
miniLZO can be used by real-time applications as the basis for an embedded LZO solution, but you may also want to use miniLZO for non-real-time applications as a standalone alternative to some LZO1*-* functions.
miniLZO can be used with any implementation of the LZO library. For example, miniLZO can be used with the LZO1*-* kernel library (included with liblzo) or the full liblzo library (must be built yourself).
miniLZO is implemented in assembly when using ANSI/ISO C compilers. You will not get any performance increase by using the fully ANSI/ISO compliant C header, but may get some by using no header at all.
miniLZO consists of two parts:
* miniLZO.h header file with C functions
* miniLZO.c library implementing the header file
miniLZO is provided as a precompiled library without the need to build and link the miniLZO.c library.
miniLZO is licensed under the terms of the GNU LGPL (the license of the original LZO library).

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miniLZO provides both the standard and safe LZO1X compression format as well as the LZO1X decompression and the standard LZO compressor. miniLZO also provides an additional API for working with compressed data.
miniLZO Features:
– basic C89 (pre-ANSI C89) based API
– very small memory footprint
– fast – comparable to LZO1X
– compression and decompression speed is close to the LZO1X/999 code
– support for standard and safe LZO compression formats
– decompression speed is close to the LZO1X decompression
– no header added to the compressed data
– safe decompression for data fragments
– reimplementation of the LZO1X-999 safe decompression algorithm and configuration parameters and adaptive dictionary
– no features of the full LZO1X-999 library used for security
– very small code
miniLZO API Features:
miniLZO provides an easy to use C-based API. A sample program to illustrate the API is given in the /LICENSE file. Below is a list of features supported by the C-API.
– FlagTable
– compressed data
– DataBuf
– compression
– decompression
– reading and writing of compressed data using the FlagTable
– reading and writing compressed data to a DataBuf
– reading and writing compressed data to a DataBuf while the length of the decompressed data is kept within limits (See the FlagTable documentation for details)
– the same set of features is available for the standard LZO and safe LZO compression formats.
– The FlagTable is provided as an additional option to be used with the safe LZO format. This FlagTable improves the data output with a small overhead for speed but is still quite safe.
– Compression level can be controlled using the CompressLevel
– The unsafe decompression is either enabled with the Unsafe flag or disabled with the SafeDecompression flag.
miniLZO Storage Features:
– works with any kind of storage files or objects.
– also for multi-dimensional arrays, matrices, and vectors
miniLZO is implemented as a relatively small library with a

What’s New in the?

miniLZO is a simple but effective implementation of the LZO1X-1 compression algorithm. This is an older version of the LZO1X-1 (uses and requires LZO1X-999 implementation) that will be removed from further development.
miniLZO provides a simple public interface. It’s primary purpose is to provide a quick and easy way to compress or decompress data in real-time. miniLZO does not store or manipulate any pre-compressed or uncompressed data in memory.
miniLZO is provided as a standalone library/module.
miniLZO packages and usage are well documented in the README.txt file.
miniLZO is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).
miniLZO can be used in an application/library itself. To wrap it into your own application you will have to also add the libconfigure.h file. This is only necessary if you do not use the provided API by miniLZO.
miniLZO includes some presets for simple compression (or decompression). Using these presets will result in a faster than LZO1X-999 encoded/decoded data. Note: For maximum speed the decoder/encoder in miniLZO 1.9.4 is now completely re-written, which should result in better compression/decompression speed.
miniLZO 1.9.4 is fully compliant with the ISO LZO1X-999 standard. This means that a miniLZO encoded/decoded data block uses exactly the same amount of RAM space as a LZO1X-999 encoded/decoded data block.
miniLZO 1.10.0 features data integrity check (as LZO1X-999 standard), and also hashing to allow checks for bit-rot and corruption on the fly. This feature can be enabled with the minilzo_checks flag.
miniLZO 1.9.4 provides support for *LZO1X-999 and LZO1X-999 Uncompressed data*.
miniLZO 1.9.4 supports *LZO1X-999 Compressed data*, as well as both standard and safe LZO1X-999 decoder and encoder.
miniLZO 1.9.4 does not support *LZO

System Requirements For MiniLZO:

Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual-core or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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