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Keeping your iOS device data safe and relying on backups for this is one strategy or way of approaching eventful situations, such as accidental data loss and similar mishaps. Either backing up the said data manually or relying on a dedicated solution when not possible, users have access to a wide range of software that addresses such aspects.
FoneGeek iOS System Recovery was designed specifically in order to offer users a tool for fixing various iOS issues, repair errors, and recover lost data. Some of the issues that are targeted by the app include black screens, boot loops, as well as system errors that do not involve data loss.
In addition to the aforementioned, users can rely on FoneGeek iOS System Recovery in order to perform firmware rollbacks, without “jailbreaks”. Compatible with the latest iOS 15 and all iPhone 12 models, the app offers two main working modes, a standard one, which addresses common issues in the most efficient manner possible, and a more dedicated, advanced mode, which targets more serious issues, with the caveat that it performs a full data erase if used.
Users must note that after selecting the preferred repair mode, a dedicated, matching firmware version must be manually selected before proceeding with the repair process.







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FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Serial Key is available for free for all iOS devices, ranging from iPhone 3GS and even earlier models up to iPhone X. It’s available for iOS 13, 12, and 11 operating systems. The app may come in handy when any iPhone 12, iPad, and iPad Pro users notice their smartphone or tablet displaying a black screen or any other type of device error that ends up bringing in a halt to the work process, potentially resulting in serious data loss.
Possible issues may include short circuits in various internal parts, reasons as simple as screens, or basic software updates that happen to not work. Users are recommended to seek assistance from Apple’s iCloud or Apple’s iTunes software in such eventualities, although the latter is more likely to face the issue. In such cases, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery may also be the proper app to utilize, given that it addresses all sorts of potential and real-life situations that could target the user’s device.
This gives users a single app to rely on in case their iPhone 12, iPad, and iPad Pro gets stuck in a boot loop, in case their data is stored locally on their iOS device, when not backed up regularly, or if the device is exposed to a virus that causes major issues.
Its advanced features include the ability to perform firmware rollbacks, a data recovery feature, a fix for the data volume and its size, as well as a fix for the incorrect iOS versions. In order to help users carry out the repair and recovery process, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery also offers an interactive and straightforward user interface, which allows them to explore the menus and tools available to them at any given moment.
The app is available for free download and its interface can be accessed through its website, although the app is more readily available through the Google Play Store, as well as the Apple App Store. The download itself requires either a Wi-Fi connection or a stable 3G or 4G connection, depending on the user’s service provider.
The app is available for free download for all iOS devices

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FoneGeek IOS System Recovery 16.8.4 Crack Torrent (Activation Code) Free Download For PC

Paired with a compatible Apple device, this tool is recommended for repairing your device’s operating system with ease, freeing any issues when entering recovery mode. A convenient, user-friendly interface enhances data recovery, and enables users to restore data back to the device in no time.
What it does
The dedicated recovery mode can be used to fix various issues that affect Apple devices. Most problems are targeted, and this includes issues that do not result in data loss. Essentially, the repair method aims at fixing boot loop issues, data loss, and even software problems that prevent the device from properly operating.
A list of common problems is presented, and users can customize the repair mode to address each one. Besides fixing iOS errors, the program can assist users in diagnosing system failures such as boot loops and black screens, among others. This includes the correct firmware version, recovery, and so on.
Furthermore, a repair mode can also be paired with an Apple device. This feature combines the above mentioned data recovery, boot loop, and software repair with the Apple device boot manager that can be updated with the latest firmware for said model. For instance, the older firmware version for an iPhone 7 can be updated to iOS 13.3, while the same method can be used in order to update firmware for an iPhone 8 or iPhone X.
Both versions offer a native data recovery feature. The standard version can target the following issues:
– Restore data back to your iPhone.
– Restore a custom partition containing music, photos, videos, apps, and any other types of data.
– Protect the system partition from deletion, making it easier to fix boot loops.
– Boot the device in safe mode (Safe mode is used to fix a black screen, automatic boot, and other issues that prevent the device from booting normally).
– Remove system restrictions, such as eSIM, CSC, and IMEI blocks.
– Update iCloud backup.
The advanced repair mode provides additional features, such as the following:
– Verify iTunes backups with eSIM information.
– Disable system protections.
– Perform firmware rollbacks (rollbacks are used to fix boot loops, recovery mode issues, as well as iOS software errors that hinder device operation).
– Target custom partitions containing music, videos, photos, and anything else.
– Verify system recovery (this feature is used to fix boot loops, recovery mode issues, as well as iOS software errors that hinder device operation).
– Update iCloud backups.
– Install

FoneGeek IOS System Recovery 16.8.4 Activation Key Download PC/Windows

The Best iOS System Recovery For 2018

If you want to recover more than just your iTunes backup, here’s an App that can help you!

Tailored for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad (5th generation) and iPad (6th generation)

FoneGeek™ iOS System Recovery allows you to retrieve your lost files, and the backup files of iMessages, FaceTime calls and iPhoto; restore your damaged or defected iDevice with the default iDevice recovery if it has been bricked; fix Boot ROM and App firmware which do not work and you can rollback an upgraded firmware to the previous firmware using the Firmware Rollback feature. It could even help you to update iDevice to the latest iOS version, help you to repair old or corrupted iDevice when you are on a restricted iDevice, easily customize the icons and set different number in the favorite bar.

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What’s New In FoneGeek IOS System Recovery?

Key features:
– Full recovery of lost iOS content
– Full iDevice content recovery and data recovery
– Extensive list of compatible models
– Undetected data erasing of iOS without jailbreak
– Quick scan of the entire iOS partition
– Boot time repair
– Works fast and easy
– Works on both simulator and iDevice
– Does not require iTunes
– Uses a hidden mode to help users easily find the things to repair
– Shows sensitive data to protect privacy
– Optimized for current iOS version
FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Speed: 1.8 GHz, 4GB+
Free Disk Space: 5 GB
How to use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery?
In order to use the app, users must first download the latest version on their computer. Since the app will be downloaded on your mobile device, users must enable “Add to home screen” and bookmark it to make it easier to launch the app from the main iOS screen.
When launching the app, users should first select the best repair method, given that the app offers two options. For repairing common errors, the app will offer a standard repair process, while users should use the more advanced one for more serious issues.
The standard, first-time method does not require a scan of the iDevice first, as will be noted by the colored button. In contrast, the more advanced one should be used for the following cases:
– Unresponsive iPhone
– Data loss
– Boot loops
– iOS system error
– Slow performance
FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Instructions:
Step 1 – Launch the app on a computer via the “Add to Home Screen” option
Step 2 – Drag and drop the setup file on top of your iDevice’s lock screen
Step 3 – Press the “Run” button on the screen
Step 4 – Watch the app carry out the repair process on the iDevice, while simultaneously, it will start scanning
Step 5 – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the repair process
FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Final Verdict
FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is the right tool for fixing numerous iOS problems, starting with boot loops and black screens, then reaching more serious issues like lost content and data loss. The app offers three main modes for handling repairs, the first two of which are identical in

System Requirements For FoneGeek IOS System Recovery:

– Windows XP or later
– USB 2.0 port
– Windows-compatible USB Keyboard
– DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
Windows Vista or later
– Windows Media Player 11
– Sound card with Windows-compatible driver
If you have installed a newer version of Windows Media Player 11
– Windows Media Center 1.0
– Sound card with