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Adv+Pro is a simple tool that allows you to send bulk SMS messages to your friends and clients.







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1) no waiting time for sending messages
2) when sending SMS, you can choose up to 100 users to send to at once.
3) you can send UNICODE SMS and SMS with various graphics.
4) you can send to China, and other countries
5) 3 way SMS feature
6) We already checked up 99% of unwanted patterns that can cause your Android App to be classified as malicious.
6) we also provide a service that will automatically check your app for unwanted patterns.

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Combined with the application Adv+Pro, you can send SMS messages from your smartphone.
Adv+Pro Key Features:
– Send messages without registration to all contacts at once
– Send messages to many users at once
– About 120 messages can be sent at once.
– Fast speed
– Optional call function for about 100 calls at once
– Record calls to share them via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or other applications.
– You can also capture an image and add it as a message.
– You can also capture two or more images and add them as a message.
– You can send messages to users who do not have the application.
– Scan contacts and send messages to many contacts at once, and you can save and share your
message history.
– You can select the font of the messages.
– You can also edit, delete, or change the length of the message.
– You can add pictures, videos, and voice to the messages, and you can also select the direction.
– You can also select the slide background music to create an attractive message.
– You can select text color or message color to create a message that is easy on the eyes.
– You can save your message in the application, and then you can find it from the history.
– The application can also use the latest smartphone App.
Adv+Pro License:
Version Free: You can use the application without limits.
Version Advanced Plus: You can use the application on up to 5 devices for no limits.
Version Pro Advanced: You can use the application on up to 20 devices for no limits.

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Adv+Pro 2018 Serial Key is here to make your text messages and calls more effective. It is the most famous and efficient software and application. Adv+Pro 2018 Crack allows you to text and call anyone at once. As well as sending messages, you can also record and send pictures and save them to your devices using this software. In addition, you can send an animated picture message and access your last 100 free calls.

Adv+Pro 2018 Registration Code is an easy to use text messaging application. The aim of this software is to eliminate the need to use a lot of codes at all. It is a remarkable application with a unique function. With this software, you can text your friends, and you can send images, voice and text messages using Adv+Pro key. This application


SmsAdv+Pro is used to add many SMS to your contacts. You can add one to

Microsoft Communicator is a graphical messaging tool, integrated into the Windows shell and consisting of a set of windows with a pseudo user interface: windows for managing contacts, scheduling conversations, holding conversations, managing conversations.

TypingBird is a free SMS text automation tool, designed to make life easier for the users who wants to control SMS, whatsapp and email messaging from one platform. TypingBird was developed by CheerlySoft Inc., based in the Silicon Valley.

Ask HN: What is your ideal programming platform? – heydonovan

My favorite platform for building websites isn’t currently ‘free’ and requires me to pay $1700+/month for the service. I love LAMP but the platform isn’t what I really want… Any thoughts?
None. Learn Ruby, go Solaris and / or Linux.

I love node too.

Python on Windows :)

I can’t agree with this more. I like python, but windows is a hell of a lot
more stable than anything else in it’s subgroups. I can’t understand anyone
dealing with Windows out of no other reason than “stability”. No offense, I
hope you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Maybe learning C is better for

You don’t have to learn C. Learn C#. It’s much more same as python.

What’s New in the Adv Pro?

SMS broadcasting is the most effective marketing strategy for growing your business. But it is very important to have a good service with free SMS receivers. Adv+Pro will do this job for you.
A simple system to reach and connect a client from over 230 countries worldwide, connected to our SMS broadcasting server.
Advanced Billing System
-Adv+Pro offer to send SMS to number of friends at a time to avoid long waiting for sending message.
-Recurring billing provides a weekly, monthly and yearly plan and customers can manage their SMS plan easily by themselves from the web interface.
-users can get free SMS by advertising campaign, SMS leader, and SMS growth
-users can participate in SMS ranking
-users can upload XML data to be broadcasted
-users can send personal SMS to all clients, all friends or a specific friend
Dynamically connect clients
-Adv+Pro will check IP address of clients, and then, it will connect to the clients.
-whether the client is registered or not, it will connect to the clients.
-the service will automatically connect to each account, not just registered or confirmed accounts.
-the service will also connect to invalid or non existent accounts.
-the service will also connect to a single invalid account.
-it will not connect to the invalid client by 20min, it will check again.
-service will check again after a period of time.
-service will not connect to clients which has disconnected or no internet connection.
-service will not attempt to connect to clients with automatic reconnect system.
-service will not connect to clients that are blocked in some of the country.
Easy to use
-easy to create broadcast list.
-easy to create a broadcaster.
-easy to create a broadcasting list.
-easy to create a broadcasting list.
-easy to send the broadcast from the broadcasting list.
-easy to change broadcast lists from the broadcasting lists.
-easy to make a broadcast list.
-easy to delete a broadcasting list.
-easy to make a broadcaster.
-easy to make a broadcaster.
-easy to make a broadcasting list.
-easy to make a broadcasting list.
-easy to change broadcast lists from the broadcasting list.
-easy to delete a broadcasting list.
-easy to save the broadcast list to the broadcasting list.
-easy to save the broadcasting list to the broadcasting list.
-easy to send the broadcast from the

System Requirements:

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1280×1024 Resolution
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